As part of my PhD’s intention to understand how the designer's work flow may be affected, I designed a tool that allow users to visualize in a very simple way the main steps of a product’s life cycle, with some basic variables that permit to play around and become aware of the impact of your decisions.

The main idea is to have all the information in one screen only, accessible through a highly simple interface, so users would take the minimum amount of time in finishing one cycle and playing with the parameters to see in real time how the impact changes and the interconnections between the cycle steps.

The software is online and free to use, during 2013 I used it to gather the necessary data for my PhD.

You can see a 1-minute introductory video here.

Here another explaining in 1 minute how Trophec can help you communicate your product's life cycle and primary impacts.

And a 6-minute video explaining how it works here.

Please, feel free to use it; you can access it here.