trophic economics

For designers, engineers, creators and entrepreneurs in general the first challenge lies in accepting that "business as usual" is no longer feasible, their creativity and innovation should include the characteristics of universal cyclic metabolic flow and diversity among ecosystems.

Translating this into human economic systems Trophic Economics refers to the creation of business that achieve: Size and distribution accordingly to the resources locally available, empowers diversity by adapting business models to local characteristics and needs without neglecting possible global strategies. Resources are considered capital and not income, thus continuous flows of materials are strictly maintained. Therefore, searches economic growth in non-material values and equity in its distribution.

There is a clear relation with other concepts like Product-Service-System, Cradle to Cradle or even Circular Economy, they all share common principles. The interconnectivity and interdependence force us to think in systems and the clear limits to perennial growth in creating circular or cyclic flows of matter. Nevertheless it is thought to lack a specific concept regarding the metabolic flow of these and its relationship towards the design of business models and therefore product design as well.

If you are interested in knowing more you can download a wider explanation here.