electricity consumption

We all hear about the high relevance of energy, we need it for everything we do, so I first took a look on energy consumption per capita and then, I wanted to see the relation of it with the total country consumption. Some interesting things can be seen here, for example China has low per capita consumption but is one of the main countries in total consumption, this can be inferred by having a large size population, but if you think that 53% of China’s population is rural, another picture may come out, a great deal of this consumption comes from industry, the one that produces many of the things we consume. What other things can you see relating other countries? Lastly the green area relates to the percentage of ‘renewable’ source of that energy; the extreme case is Iceland, where are the top per capita consumers, but practically 100% of its energy is renewable, having its origin in geothermal source. Access to raw data is available upon request.